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You may know him as the "Pee-pee Boy". We know him as the Mannekin Pis. Records
indicate the original Mannekin Pis was created in 1388. It was destroyed many
centuries later. By popular demand, the City of Brussels commissioned Jerome
Duquesnoy to build another in 1619. This original statue is alive and well today,
situated in the labyrinth of little shops that surround The Grand Place in Brussels,

The Mannekin Pis has been stolen seven times during his long life on display and
recovered each time.  One man, Antoine Lucas, was sentenced to 20 years in prison
when, in 1817, he ripped the statue from its base and fled with it.

Once upon a time we would not carry the Mannekin Pis because I thought he wasn't
"proper" -- but once we understood the story behind him it endeared him to us.

We feel that this statue would be a great addition to any yard or fountain.